Pokémon GO: What It Means For Truckers

Pokémon GO

Are you a Pokémon GO fan? Do you know what Pokémon GO is? If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will soon! This app is taking over. Learn more about Pokémon GO and what it means for your fleet with Porter Billing Services.

What is Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO is an increasingly popular app that uses augmented reality to take players into an entirely different world. Players catch Pokémon characters, help them evolve, and lead them into battles. Though the app only launched weeks ago, it has surpassed many longstanding apps in usage and active players. So, how does this app affect truckers?

Pokémon GO on the Roads

Because the Pokémon GO app involves augmented reality, players literally walk around their neighborhoods and cities, staring at their phones, to play the game. However, some players take this game farther — in their cars.

Though you would hope they’re not driving, these players are not always passengers. Often, drivers are using their phones on the road to play Pokémon GO. Why? Certain features of the game involve catching Pokémon that aren’t accessible without leaving residential areas. Unfortunately, many opt for driving instead of walking. These drivers are very distracted and often drive slowly or stop altogether in the middle of the road to “catch Pokémon.”

Many have already realized the potential danger of this new app. In fact, the Washington State Department of Transportation tweeted at drivers warning them against distracted driving while playing Pokémon GO.

Distracted Drivers are Dangerous

Distracted driving is nothing new. Many choose to eat, text, or put on makeup while they drive. Others reach for things on the floor or look at roadside attractions too long and end up in minor accidents. Be careful out there! Look out for distracted drivers, and as always, never pick up your own phone while driving! Stay hands-free, focused, and clear-headed. You want to stay as safe as possible during your trips.

Stay Stress-Free with Porter Billing Services

Truck driving can be a stressful job, especially with added stress from distracted drivers. Be careful. Stay safe, and invest in freight factoring with Porter Billing Services! Freight factoring takes away a bit of the stress on your fleet. Freight factoring provides access to cash that your fleet can use to help fund daily operations. Learn more about Porter Billing Services. Contact us today!