Freight Factoring FAQs Answered!

freight factoring

Freight factoring provides your trucking company with invoicing solutions that best fit your fleet’s needs. Recourse factoring offers your fleet high advances at low rates. Often, the longer an invoice remains unpaid, the more those rates increase. Porter’s flat-rate recourse programs offer a single rate for a 90-day period.  Recourse factoring grants your business access to immediate working capital without delay. Learn more about flat-rate recourse factoring with Porter Billing Services.

What Is Non-Recourse Freight Factoring?

Non-recourse freight factoring removes the risk of late, cancelled, and unpaid collections. For a flat fee, your trustworthy freight factoring company will fund your freight bills and accept responsibility for any loss in case of non-payments.

Contrary to common perception, non-recourse factoring does not involve loans. It is actually a secured debt of collateral. In other words, your trucking company can sell your accounts receivable to a reliable factoring company. This company will then supply your fleet with the cash needed to cover those invoices. Learn more about non-recourse factoring today!

Can My Small Trucking Business Benefit from Freight Factoring?

Yes! Both small owner-operators and large fleet managers can use freight factoring as soon as their first load has been delivered. Get the access to immediate working capital that your small business needs to fund daily operations. Once your invoices are handed over, they are no longer your responsibility – which frees up paperwork and time!

Can My Fleet Qualify for Freight Factoring Even with Poor Credit?

Freight factoring companies like Porter Billing Services help you collect payments from your customers. Funding decisions will be made based upon your customers’ credit and their history. Even with poor credit, your fleet may be eligible!

Let Porter Billing Services Help!

Porter Billing Services specializes in recourse and non-recourse factoring. Let us help you get immediate access to working capital. Contact us today!