Emergency Roadside Coverage: Why Your Fleet Should Invest

emergency roadside coverage

Even if you keep your truck well maintained, you might find yourself stuck on the side of the road for a number of reasons. You may not always be prepared to handle the situation on your own! Consider these reasons from Porter Billing Services to invest in emergency roadside coverage for your fleet.

When You Get Locked Out

One minute you’re saving money on fuel. The next minute you discover you can’t open your door! It can be embarrassing to get locked out of your truck — and of course, your keys are right there in the driver’s seat. So, what do you do? A locksmith may charge you an arm and a leg! Consider investing in emergency roadside assistance to get yourself back on the road in no time.

When You Experience a Mechanical Breakdown

We’ve all been there. Sometimes our trucks seem to be in perfect working condition. However, there may be problems under the hood that we can’t see. If you experience a mechanical breakdown, trying to get your truck towed can cost you a hefty sum. Whether it’s due to an electrical or a transmission issue, losing control of your vehicle can be dangerous and scary! Having emergency roadside coverage can save the day.

When Your Battery Dies

If you keep your vehicle’s lights on too long or you play the radio while parked for a long time, your battery can die. Keeping your electronics on can drain your battery to the point of no return, leaving you stuck on the side of the road with no way to get started back up again. Instead of trying to find a jump from a random passer-by, consider investing in emergency roadside coverage services.

When You Get a Flat Tire

Flat tires can occur for many reasons. Sometimes, the tires are simply old and need to be replaced. Other times, driver negligence can cause oversight. Debris in the road can also cause trouble. Emergency roadside service companies can come to your rescue to install a spare tire and keep you from having to fix it yourself or pay a mechanic to come meet you.

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