3 Must-Have Trucking Apps

trucking apps

Every day, new apps are released, making life just a little bit more convenient and connected! Among the plethora of scheduling and gaming apps, there are a handful of apps that are especially helpful for those of us in the trucking industry. We’ve come up with a list of three must-have apps for the road. Check it out!

BigRoad Free App

This log book app is free to Apple users. Instead of focusing on paperwork, you can focus on gaining more loads and improving your drive time. BigRoad Free allows you to keep track of duty status changes and driver logs. It automatically calculates available drive time for drivers and helps you send logs and inspection reports directly the app. Printed document? Simply scan it into the app using your phone. Then, you are given the option to send that document directly to anyone in your fleet. The app’s dashboard includes a GPS-enabled map as well. Stay focused on the road and worry about keeping up with paperwork no longer! Download BigRoad Free today.

NOAA Weather Radar App

The NOAA weather app is a “powerful yet easy-to-use weather station right on your device” according to iTunes. The app’s real-time radar images provide an interactive map for users that can help increase driver awareness, especially during times of severe weather. Within the app, you can set up push notifications when severe weather is going to strike in your area. Receive 24/7 weather forecasts. Download the NOAA Weather Radar app here.

AroundMe App

Have you ever been on your way to deliver a load, only to realize your fuel light has come on? With the AroundMe app, you can find the nearest gas station in no time. (Make sure you take your fleet fueling card with you!) Using your device’s location services, AroundMe can help your find restaurants, grocery stores, bars, banks, and even hotels near you. Download the AroundMe app to stay safe, and find what you need in no time.


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