• Do I have to sign a long term contract?

    No! Unlike some companies, PBS does not require you to sign a long term contract. Just a 30 day written notice with NO termination fee or exit fees.  Our desire is to earn your business not force you to stay with us.

  • Why is Porter different?
    • Specializes in freight factoring in the transportation industry.
    • Over 23 years of experience
    • Excellent commitment to customer service
    • Unique in helping clients grow their business
    • Strategic partnerships with other service providers that can assist with dispatching, equipment, insurance, loadboard and much more!
  • Will Porter prepare my billing of invoices?
    • Billing services are provided at no additional cost to our non-recourse clients.
    • These services are also available to our Recourse clients with an additional surcharge.
    • TripPak or Translo services provided to you at no additional cost
  • Why should I factor my freight?
    • Most brokers and direct shippers hold payment for 30, 45, or even 60+ days. Factoring your invoices gives you the cash you earned, shortly after you drop the load.
    • Increase your peace of mind, lower your credit risk on new customers, and helps maintains appropriate credit lines on existing customers.
    • Cut out wasted time doing paperwork and chasing down brokers for payment.
  • What Is Freight Factoring?

    Freight factoring is the sale of all, or part, of your company’s invoices (accounts receivable) for immediate cash.  Freight factoring gives you quick cash for your invoices, thus allowing you to fulfill those immediate cash needs such as paying for fuel, drivers and growing your business.

  • What is recourse freight factoring?
    • Advance rates up to 90% for your freight invoices.
    • Flat rate pricing
    • If the invoice is not paid by your customer within 90 days, you will be responsible for paying back to Porter the funds that were advanced on the respective invoice.
  • What is non-recourse freight factoring?
    • Advance rates up to 95% for your freight invoices.
    • Flat rate pricing
    • Porter takes the risk on the invoice if your customer files for bankruptcy or goes out of business before paying the invoice.
    • Trippak or Translo services provided to you at no additional cost.
  • How does the Porter Partnership work?
    • You have your own personal client representative to help you
    • No long term contract – All contracts are month to month
    • No hidden fees – everything discussed up front
    • Online access to your account
  • Do I have to factor all of my invoices?

    No. Unlike some companies, PBS allows you to remain in control of your accounts receivable.

  • How do you fund?
    • Next Day ACH or Same Day Wire
    • Load funds to your Porter FuelSmart Card
    • Reserve, released weekly at NO request!
  • Do you have fuel cards with discounts?
    • Yes, the Porter FuelSmart Card is powered through the Comdata fuel network which is serviced by over 10,000 stations within the continental U.S.
    • Competitive discounts available with some of the major truck stops across the country.
    • Credit line for diesel fuel available to certain qualified prospects
  • How do I get started?

    Just click “Apply” or feel free to contact one of our Inside Sales Representatives at (877) 385-8265.